Get To Know Alaskafy

Alaskafy is a social marketplace and venue where Alaskan vendors can sell and connect with people from around the world.

At the heart of Alaskafy lies our community: The sellers who market their amazing Alaska goods and services and the shoppers who are looking for items from Alaska. We provide this amazing venue to meet the demands of shoppers looking for buying solutions as well as to help the Alaska small business economy grow. The soul of Alaskafy are it’s founders, Topher and Michelle Maguire and the Alaskafy employees who maintain, care for and nurture our social marketplace.

Genesis of Alaskafy

March 1989 - Genesis of Alaskafy

In March of 1989, while serving in the US Army as a TACCS (Tactical Army Combat Computer Stystems) specialist @tophermaguire created a private bulletin board called Alaskafy. The membership fee for this site was $3 a month and had about 180 military members. The bulletin board was a place for soldiers new to Alaska to hang out and connect. When @tophermaguire was discharged honorably in January of 1993 the Alaskafy bulletin board was deactivated.

Alaskafy Reborn

October 2013 - Alaskafy Reborn

While at a Make it Alaska show, Michelle Maguire @michelle posed the question to her husband @tophermaguire “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a website and mobile app for Alaskan vendors, like Etsy but just for Alaska, where Alaska vendors can sell not only to Alaska but the rest of the world too?”

@tophermaguire thought it was a great idea and that day, that moment, at that Make it Alaska show @tophermaguire and @michelle began to communicate and get feedback from the vendors at that show.

Every vendor that the Maguire’s connected with at the Make it Alaska show thought Alaskafy would be a great idea. The Maguire’s went to the drawing board and began to create Alaskafy.

Official Launch of Alaskafy

October 2016 - Official Launch of Alaskafy

After 2 years of acquiring feedback from potential vendors and shoppers and 3 years of over all research and development Michelle Maguire @michelle and Topher Maguire @tophermaguire her husband officially launched Alaskafy.

Alaskafy is a very robust, feature packed site. See the features list below:

Full on Social Community

Alaskafy is a complete social community very similar to some of the most popular social networks out there today. You can make friend connections, message, tag, mention, follow, add media, form groups-forums and every member gets there own space to blog.

Top Notch Alaska Marketplace

At Alaskafy each member can start there own store. This store is another completely separate profile and at the same time is linked to the members profile. This is very unique and complex yet is still very intuitive for the members to easily create an online store using their logos, colors, branding and so on. Approved vendors get the ability to add unlimited products to their stores, categorize items, select attributes and customize shipping. Any member can apply to be a vendor and the only pre-requisite is that the applicant be an Alaskan business.


Michelle Maguire


Michelle Maguire @michelle is a 27 year old Alaskan Native (Russian Aleut) mother of 2 and co-founded Alaskafy with her husband @tophermaguire Topher Maguire. Besides working on Alaskafy, Michelle is a stay at home mom and is in the Army Reserves. To her credit Michelle is also the original developer of the Eagle River App that is now owned by The Alaska Cache. Born and raised in Seward, Alaska Michelle now owns a home on Borealis street with her husband in Eagle River, Alaska where they gave birth to Alaskafy. Michelle is very athletic and loves Alaska outdoor activities including those that include her children and has ran Mount Marathon numerous times as a junior and once as an adult only 6 weeks after giving birth to her first son Paxon Maguire.


Topher Maguire


Topher Maguire @tophermaguire is a 45 year old father of 2 and co-founder of Alaskafy with Michelle Maguire @michelle his wife. Besides Alaskafy Topher works at Eagle River Printing – The Alaska Cache as the Business Development and Digital Marketing Manager. Topher has over 27 years of online web design and development experience and 8 years of mobile application development experience. Born and raised in San Francisco, California – Topher joined the The US Army at age 17, was transfered to Alaska and has been here ever since. Topher also enjoys Alaskan outdoor activities and plans to run Mount Marathon one day with the goal of beating Michelle’s dad, Steve Buchanan’s best time whom has won the race twice.