How it Works

A Social Network for Alaskans

Alaskafy is first and foremost a social network where once you become a member you can get social: Make friend connections, start groups and forums, create your own blog, message and follow other members or even create events for your profile and groups. Becoming a member of Alaskafy is the first step that needs to be taken to unlock all the robust features and services.

  • Make Friend Connections

    Just like many other social media platforms Alaskafy allows members to make friend connections.

  • Form Groups

    Each member of Alaskafy has the ability to form groups. You can control the membership – public, private or by invitation and so on.

  • Messaging

    Alaskafy has a robust messaging service. Members can private message or public message each other.

  • Events

    Members can create events for their profiles and also assign the event to a specific group. Invitations can also be sent and members can choose to attend or not and the data populates for the event creator.

  • Invite Anyone

    From your profile page you can use the invite anyone menu link to invite others to the Alaskafy community. You may send up to 10 email invitations at a time.

  • Newsfeed

    Each member has a newsfeed tab on their profile which contains all the activity that pertains to them.

  • Compliments

    Members can acknowledge other members with Alaskafy’s compliments feature.

  • Create Your Own Blog

    Each member of Alaskafy can create their own blog which is tied to their personal profile. This is a very powerful feature that creates SEO or search engine optimization for your profile and Alaskafy store.

  • Forums

    Alaskafy has a forums section for ChitChat, Discussion, Questions and Support among others. Members can also create their own forum for groups during group creation.

  • Mentions

    When writing in your blog, on your wall, in groups or forums or on a friends wall you can use the followed by a user name. For example @tophermaguire and the user will get a notification that he or she was mentioned and it also becomes a link to the members profile page.

  • Follow

    Alaskafy allows members to follow other members posts and shop product listings and so on. However, if a member sets privacy on posts that post will not create an alert.

  • Wall

    Each member has a wall attatched to their profile where they can make new posts and their friends can make posts too.

  • Media

    Members can add images and videos to wall posts, blog posts, newsfeed, activity and pretty much anywhere else a post can be made. Images can be liked and friends can be tagged.

A Social Marketplace for Alaska Vendors

Alaskafy is Alaska’s first and only social marketplace. Here on Alaskafy each member can become a vendor and sell there products and services not only to their fellow Alaskans but to the rest of the world as well! Below are some of the features and services available to Alaskafy vendors.

  • Vendor Profile Branding

    As a vendor you get an additional and separate profile “Vendor Profile” where you can completely customize your store appearance with a cover photo, and additional profile photo that is still linked to your personal profile.

  • Unlimited Items

    Vendors can list an unlimited number of items on their Alaskafy store.

  • Categorize

    Alaskafy has over 1200 categories that are sure to fit all the unique items that Alaskan vendors would sell.

  • Instant Payment

    Alaskafy uses PayPal’s adaptive REST API which allows Alaskafy to instantly pay Alaskafy vendors the moment a buyer purchases a vendors item.

  • Individual Vendor Store

    Alaskafy vendors get their own store and collections that is separated from all the other vendor stores on Alaskafy.

  • Vendor Social Links

    Your Alaskafy Vendor Profile can have social links in addition to you personal profile links. Your personal profile social links go to your personal social profiles and your Vendor Profile social links go to your businesses social profile pages.

  • Vendor Dashboard

    From the powerful “Vendor Dashboard” you can set up branding, add/edit items, set pricing and shipping options.

  • Tags

    Once you select the appropriate category for your item you can add tags which will be available for search robots and humans alike in an archived format.

  • PayPal

    Shoppers can use any credit card or PayPal to checkout. All the vendor needs to get paid is a valid PayPal email address.

  • Shipping

    Vendors can customize shipping options in there “Vendor Dashboard” the default shipping method is flat rate.

Process for registering for membership

The process for registering on Alaskafy is simple and easy. Once registered you can apply to be a vendor.

  • Register

    You can register for Alaskafy and then apply to be a vendor.

  • Register and Apply

    You can register on Alaskafy and apply to be a vendor at the same time if you click on the “Dashboard” menu link.

We worked really hard to make Alaskafy as intuitive as possible for both site visitors or shoppers and membesr or sellers. We truly hope your experience goes as expected and welcome any and all feedback to better improve your overall user experience.

-Alaskafy Team