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    Reaching out with an important message from @alaskafy. Alaskafy is going to be featured on some major media outlets both locally and nationally very soon. We have been postponing this awaiting vendors to setup their @alaskafy stores. The timing couldn’t be better for the launch of @alaskafy. We are just weeks away from the largest retail shopping time of year and we are working hard to attract as many vendors as possible which will ultimately bring the social shoppers to the site. If you need help setting up your store, @alaskafy will do it for you! Take a look here: @claimjumperak This store was setup by @alaskafy and we will do the same for you. Quality images, logo design if you don’t already have one, assistance setting up your social media and more. Once your store is setup all your items can be shared instantly everywhere with a few simple button clicks. You will sell more with Alaskafy and the small amount of time you spend setting up your store is well worth it. Please reach out to us if you need assistance or if you have any questions.