Recycled fleece dog booties, reinforced with rubberized fabric on bottom and toe. Reinforced fabric is flexible to 40 below zero and is soft enough for dogs to grip through it but thought enough to resist wear and toenails. Double-sided velcro keeps them on. People get nervous about putting booties on too tightly. Once the bootie is secured on the dog’s foot, pull it. Pull it hard. If you can pull it off, it’s going to come off. Put it on tighter than that. 4 to a pack, booties come in 4 sizes. Small (up to 2 inch width of paw), Medium (up to 3.25 inch), Large (up to 4 inch), and XL (up to 5.5 inch).


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I have been making safety gear for dogs since 2011.  All products are paw-tested by Mulvey, and hand-made by Susan.  All items have Made in Alaska certification.