Aroma Ornies are homemade air fresheners that are perfect hanging from your auto’s rear view mirror, in a locker or anywhere else you can find a spot to hang for extra fragrance. Made of a super absorbent polymer bead, we soak in our finest fragrance oils, color and then shape them. Each comes strung with ribbon and packaged in cello with instructions. Fragrance is especially strong in the beginning and fades over an average of 4-6 weeks.

(Please note: Should NOT be used when auto interior exceeds 100 degrees!)

This listing is for 3 Aroma Ornies in popular fall scents. You will get an Alaskan Lodge Star in a rustic red color, a Sweet Orange Chili Pepper Pop Flower in an orange color, and a Cinnamon Apple Heart in a red color. These will be mailed in a bubble wrap envelope via USPS First Class Mail.


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I just LOVE candles. I have always loved having warm and mood-enhancing fragrances in my home. I love gifting them and using them. I started making candles as a hobby in 1999.  Once my friends and family tried them, they wanted them too.  I experimented and did a lot of research as I was enjoying my hobby and I learned to love making candles just as much as I loved using them.  I officially started my business in 2006, starting with “home party” type showings and craft fairs.  I now do a few bazaars each year, sell directly from my home through open house events, and sell online.  I have shipped to every one of the 50 States.

The candles I make are clean burning and free of phthalates & nitro-musk.  All of my soy products are made with 100% pure & natural, American grown soy.  I use only essential oils, natural fragrances, and perfumers grade oils that are Made in the USA so you know you and your family can enjoy my products without all the harmful chemicals.  Each product I make is literally from my home to yours made with a lot of pride, care and extra awesomeness.

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