Labradorite: 3rd eye, crown and higher crown Chakras. Regulates metabolism, eyes, Lowers PB, brain, gout.

Larimar: Throat, heart, 3rd eye, solar plexus, crown Chakras. Beneficial for energy blockages in the chest. Head and neck pain. free flow of energy, serenity, self healing, throat conditions, joint constriction. A high vibration stone.
Lapiz Lazuli: Throat, 3rd eye, crown Chakras. Alleviates pain, headaches, cleanses organs, throat, immune system, lowers BP. A high Vibration stone.
Onyx: Self confidence, balances Yin and Yang, bones, teeth, feet, blood disorders. A Protective stone.
these are natural stones price includes local tax


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Over the years as I educated myself I became more aware of the chemicals put into just about everything around us and how harmful it is. I decided to try to get away from chemicals and plastic when possible. I continued studying herbs and taking courses and finally became a member of the American Herbalist Guild. What started out S just something for my family has become something my friends have embraced also. I decided to do the markets in the summer and sell my home memade natural products. I hope you enjoy my products as much as my family and friends do.